Try Ritter’s Steam Kettle Kitchen in Santa Ana

Finding authentic Southern Food can be hit and miss in Southern California. The area has a host of restaurants that claim to be Southern Style, but not many hit the mark in the way that you’d expect. Luckily, Ritter’s Steam Kettle Kitchen in Santa Ana, boasts some of the best Louisiana style food around.

The home cooking restaurants serves a gumbo and sweet tea that may be the best you’ve ever had. The Bouillabaisse and beignets are two of the favorites locals typically rave about. When you are ready to try a popular spot with a mom and pop feel, stop by Ritter’s Steam Kettle Kitchen on your next night out. Your stomach will thank us. Here is a quick look at the restaurant’s information. Enjoy the food.

Ritter’s  Steam Kettle Kitchen

1421 West MacArthur Boulevard,

Santa Ana, CA

714 850 1380