Community Events In Santa Ana

Finding local events for your family to attend can be difficult, but one of the perks of living in the City of Santa Ana is an active parks and library program. So you do not have to go far to find great local events on a daily basis. During the month of January and heading into February the Santa Ana Public Library will offer a host of excellent classes beginning with Zen coloring, preschool story time, and STEP aerobics among other things. Here is a quick list of three other fantastic classes taking place near your apartment over the next few weeks.



Saturday, January 30

10 am to 11 am

Santa Ana Public library TeenSpace


Cooking and Baking

February 2,

6pm to 8pm

Santa Ana Public library


Teen Gaming

Wednesday, February 3

6pm to 8pm

Santa Ana library


How To Get Your Security Deposit Back

Getting your security deposit back can be uncharted territory, particularly for first-time renters. Sure, you might have forgotten about that money after a year or two, but deposits are typically a nice “chunk of change” so it makes sense to try and get it back. Here are a few tips.


Document everything: whenever there is an issue with your apartment and maintenance needs to be involved, document as much as possible. Take before and after pictures and save them for your records.


Ask the landlord: the most straightforward way to figure out how to get a deposit back is to ask your landlord what needs to be done in order to receive a full deposit.


Spackle and paint: patch up any holes are cracks in the wall that you may have cause. Typically, small nail holes will not impact getting your deposit back. But do patch up large holes.

Great Spin Classes In Santa Ana

Sometimes joining a class is the easiest way to get in shape. Having a bit of accountability and actually paying for something will get you to work out because otherwise you’ll be throwing away hard-earned cash. One of the recent workout trends that has taken the nation by storm is spin classes or Soul cycling. The workout is a simple bike ride on a stationary bike. The classes are fun, build up a sweat and can be a grueling workout if you let it. Here is a quick list of three great spin classes near your Santa Ana apartment.


Pilates + Cycle

940 W Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92868

Phone number: (714) 600-3850


Smoke & Mirrors Fitness

2710 S Grand Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone number: (949) 683-0965


Full Psycle

230 E 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Phone number: (949) 631-2222



Most Popular Sushi Rolls to Try

Sushi is amazing and we could just eat it all the time—try it for a quick lunch, a romantic dinner or even a snack while you are browsing the mall. The meal is that good. If you are new to the cuisine, here are a few of the most popular rolls for beginners to try. But any type of roll will probably be fine. Enjoy!


Surf and turf roll: 293 calories; cucumber, fish cake, imitation crab, beef, carrot, tuna, salmon, avocado.

Spider roll: 376 calories; deep-fried shell crab, avocado, cucumber, radish sprout, masago roe, pickled carrot.

Shrimp tempura roll: 417 calories; shrimp tempura, avocado, tempura flakes, eel sauce.

Rainbow roll: 424 calories; fish cake, imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, tuna, avocado, salmon, shrimp, yellowtail.

Dragon Roll: 454 calories; cucumber, avocado, eel, eel sauce.