3 Houseplants Even You Can Keep Alive

So you aren’t a green thumb. Who cares? Not everyone is great with nature. However, just because you can’t keep a plant alive doesn’t mean you have to go without greenery in your apartment. Here is a quick look at three easy to care for plants that even You can keep alive (hopefully).


Jade plants: this plant is native to South Africa—so it has learned to thrive with little water. The Jade plant will go dormant, when it lacks water, and then start to grow once it is rehydrated.

Kalanchoe: the Kalanchoe require little care and upkeep. The plant retains its water and can survive in variety of room temperatures from hot to cold

Ponytail Palm: the Ponytail Palm is a Mexican plant that requires little water. The plant is also a beauty which would complement any type of décor its paired with.