Tip For Decorating Cheaply in Your Santa Ana Apartment This Halloween

Just because Halloween is here doesn’t mean you have to break the bank decorating your apartment. You can find lots of DIY ways to create cheap and excellent looking pieces. Here are three tips to use.


Flat black pumpkin: purchase a few pumpkins (real or fake) and spray paint them flat black to create a dark witch-like vibe to your apartment’s decor. Your guest will be impressed with the look and most importantly, the pumpkins and spray paint only cost a few dollars.


Black skulls: fake plastic skulls can look cheap and flimsy. What you can do is grab that black spray paint and use it on a few skulls. The flat color will turn the Halloween pieces into a slick, modern, and spooky decoration.


White Bat napkin holders: bats are ugly and an animal you might not want around the dinner table (even if they are fake). But if you spray paint them white (they look much better) and use them as napkin holders, you can get a scary yet non disgusting decor piece.